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Chateau Log Farm, owned by Lisa Singer, is a facility designed to educate people for the fun and safety of Carriage Driving and also provide technical training for horses to be happy and comfortable in their jobs. Services include boarding and training, Lessons, consultations and evaluations.  Lisa is also available to give clinics to drivers from Training to the Advance level all over the country and is available for course design for your event.  She is an Ads Judge and has several events that she organizes, including Elk Creek CDE at Fair Hill NRMA in maryland and the  Glen willow CDE at the original Laurels site in Avondale, PA. 

Over two decades ago in 1987, Lisa Singer hung out her  shingle and began training driving horses for clients and teaching newcomers to drive. During this teaching process, she encouraged many of these drivers to try the sport of Combined Driving.  She was well-qualified for the task having had 13 years experience driving everything from ponies to horse, singles, pairs, tandem and four-in-hands.  In addition, she has had years of experience teaching riding  She is no stranger to the driving world both Nationally and Internationally having been 9 times National Pairs Champion and a member of the USA Pairs team at 8 World Pair Championship.

Lisa’s students have also made an impression on the driving world, including Suzy Stafford--individual Gold Medal winner in the 2005 World Pony Championships in Catton Hall, England and Shelly Temple, World Pony Championship team Bronze Medal winner in 2007 in Copenhagen, Denmark. She has influenced many drivers to join and support the growth of the sport and while her clientele includes top drivers, Lisa is equally interested in drivers who don’t have lofty goals but want to improve their skills and help their equine partners to perform better.  Lisa has traveled across the country giving clinics and is in demand for lessons from drivers traveling to the area for competitions. She is known for her encouraging straightforward approach to instruction with emphasis on successful communication between horse(s) and driver. 


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After a turn in my life I proceeded to work at Point Lookout Farm full time for Phyllis Wyeth. At that time, Phyllis getting involved in this new sport called Combined Driving. Well I was hooked.  I helped her with her pair of Welsh ponies, then we got into Morgans and she finally ended up with Connemaras.   In the 13 years of my life working for her I had the an awesome experiences learning about driving from European drivers, and was able to go to many of the first combined driving events, go to New Port coaching weekend, drive in Virginia, Massachusetts, and many other parts of the country. 

Meanwhile while working across the river at Point Lookout, I would take horses in for training and teach people how to drive using Le Tache and a standardbred mare I had at the time named Paprika.  But 3 acres is not enough room to house all the animals I was acquiring!! Fortunately I was able to life time leaf 6 more acres from our neighbor and family, the Haskel’s.  Thus began a real training center and I left my wonderful and full of excitement job with Phyllis.  I was hooked on this driving sport!!

Around 1987 I met Mimi Thorington with her Morgan mare Meadow lark and helped her with her driving.  Mimi wanted a pair of horses and she bought 2 Morgans from Nancy Roemer of Ohio.  Maple and Leaf came to Maple Leaf Farm that Mimi owned in Malvern, PA .  After awhile we, realized that Maple and Leaf had potential and I was competing them and winning. We then purchased Avalon Avante Guard, known as "Farm", because in the advance level pairs, one needs a spare. In 1994 I became the first female driver to win the National Pairs Championship, a title I now have won 9 times and until 2013, was still the only female driver to have won it.  Misdee Wriggly won it in 2013 at Live Oak CDE with me right on her tail. In 1996, I also was the first driver to win the Triple Crown for Pair horses and won it two more times in 1997 and 2002. In addition, I won the North American FEI challenge for Pairs sponsored by Driving Essentials and Freedman Harness company three times.                                      

 During this time I rode and showed jumpers and later after college went to England to earn my BHSAI certificate at Porlock Vale Riding school in Somerset, England.  After returning to Delaware I worked for Jean-Ellen McConnell of Crooked Billet Farm breaking Thoroughbreds for the race track and did so for 13 years off and on even after I got married. It was 1977 when the beginning of Chateau Log Farm began.  It started with building a log home on top of a old cattle barn on 3 acres of land not even really thinking of horses.   But is was not too long when I got a horse to ride that was originally owned by Randy my husband at the time.  Then within a year I started working for Phyllis Wyeth part time riding her steeplechase horse. Meanwhile I was raising two small children, Paige and Rand. My Daughter Paige went to work with me everyday  till she got too big to fit in her 5 gallon bathing bucket.   We bought the land in Chadds Ford, PA

 I was born in Wilmington Delaware and raised in Chadds Ford, PA. I grew up riding a donkey,  Sombe, most of my life showing and having him be the mascot for the boarding school that I attened. Sombe was my transportation to get to DerbyDown Stable to get ridding lessons from Mary Warn-Brown on borrowed horses to ride. 

 Mimi bred the next beastie Count On Me-- "Count" foaled 1994 at Maple Leaf Farm in East Fallowfield, PA. While he was growing up, Mimi purchased Battersea Chancellor--"Chance" who was foaled 1986 and raised by Frank Calhoun of Maryland.  Chance was a nitch-- always testing me but then would say "OK-I will do it!". He loved people watching him

Supporters of the the Beasties

 I would first like to thank with great appreciation to Mimi Thorington who made it possible for me to be able to take her horses through the process to compete at the World Pair Championships.  Her support of the horses, equipment and most of all her sole to stand behind me all the way through these chapters of my life. 

From here things starting going down hill when I had to retire Count due to Desmitis--sure google it!  The other downer is that driving pairs is just becoming too expensive to compete at the FEI level on my own.  BUT-- it is hard to stop.  I was given a Oldenburg from Dr. Jim Juzwick and his wife Darcy because he could not be ridden due to having a "kissing spines". John Paul --" JP" foaled 2002 was broken to drive and he was happy to not have weight on his back. He was great at driving but move totally different from Gali and Tilba.  He had a very lofty trot but we kept at it!!  

"The Beasties"
 Morgans, Past and Present...

Meadowgreen Molly-- “Maple” foaled in 1983 and Meadowgreen Treasure-- "Leaf" foaled 1984 at the farm of Nancy and Jon Roemer in dover Ohio.  Mimi Thorington bought them and I trained them to be a pair.  They excelled so quickly in the Combined Driving that soon we decided to see how they would do campaigning for the World Pair Championships.  Then she purchased Avalon Avante Guard--"Farm" foaled in 1987, out of North Carolina to be our spare horse.  Maple had the work ethic of the team that she would not let the other horses mess around.  Leaf would follow along and became solid as a rock snorting at things but never moving out of his space.  Farm was not the best mover of the three but had a heart of gold. I think we figured out that he competed in 64 CDEs during his driving career. He became the "marathon/cones man"--not sure I call that a spare horse!!  After Maple and Leaf were long finished competing, Farm was still going strong. Farm competed in Warka, Poland 2007 at the age of 20 and then he was retired.  

Meanwhile Count was growing up and at 3, I broke him to drive--which was not easy!!  He was very insecure but once he got --HE GOT IT!!  He has fabulous movement and became very steady and it was little work to make him a good dressage horse. AND he trusted me to the fullest.

While Count was becoming a more solid driving horse,Maple and Leaf were at the age to retire and I needed another horse. I went out to Laramie, WY to Mears Morgans there I came home with 3 horses Laramie, Cooper (Shelly Temple's pony) and Lr Ami Bengali --"Gali" who foaled in 1996.  It did not take long to put him in the pair and he had the movement to match Count.  With in 2 years the 2 horses were a unit.......and best buddies. One of our off years in 2008, Gali colicked while in SC and after two surgeries two weeks apart removing a total of 14 " of intestines and 6 weeks at University of Georgia, thank goodness he came home.  The next year, he competed in a World Championship!!

Meanwhile Chance was getting up in age so I needed another horse. I looked in my back field and there was Tilba, a Swedish Warmblood/Morgan cross that I bred.  She was driving but I told her it was time to be a BEASTIE!!  OH, what a prima-donna, but she was good enough to go to the championships in Hungary and Poland.  She had a little more power and would kick in turbo charge in the hazards.  

With the support of Mimi Thorington I have been lucky to prepare myself to attend the World Pairs Championships 9 times, ultimately taking on the endeavor of funding the actual trip myself.  Mimi sponsored me up to the time of leaving for the championships and I am extremely grateful for her support because without it, this all would not have happened.

In 2010 I purchased land outside of Aiken, SC in a small town 9 miles south called Windsor.  I had been going to Aiken for the winter in order to prepare the horses for winter and spring showing. Now I spend the 5 colder months in SC and the remaining nicer 7 months in PA.  I am still competing and instructing and I love doing clinics and going to other events and judging. I try to be a Grandmother of 4 to Asher and Gundry (who live in Arizona with their Mom and Dad-Paige and Jason) and Lain and Teryn (who live in West Grove, PA with their Mom and Dad –Rand and Jen), but my business life takes up quite a bit of time, I hope they understand.

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For more information and prices, please contact Lisa by email chateaulog@gmail.com  or by phone 610-960-8695

About Lisa

Since JP wasn't a perfect fit, I was keeping my eye out for another horse to work into the pair--Gali was too young to stop competing. Then last fall Rebbecca Guiterrez was in the process from moving from New Mexico to Aiken, SC, so Azkachina Warrior-- "Warrior" who foaled 2004 was hanging out in my paddocks when I arrived to Windsor for the winter for me to give him a try.....sure why not!! He had driven Training level as a pair and although he took to Gali and the increased workload with no issues, the logistics were hard to move him along quickly enough for the 2013 Pairs Championships in Topolcianky, Slovakia.  And unfortunately, at the last selection trial in april 2013, he became lame just before the jog. It ended up being a quick fix with some time off, but made us loose our chance to be selected on the team.  SOOOO regroup time!!

Warrior went back with his MOM--Rebecca- after she competed him and  Gali preliminary at Glen Willow CDE and came in 2nd.  
As for the others, JP had a successful back operation and is back with his original owners being ridden dressage again.  Tilba is also off being ridden and is very content to do eventing-- she loves to jump!!  Gali is still being driven single and pair and giving lessons---- he has to keep going........just in case!!  :)

 1995 Poznan, Poland: 
  Maple, Leaf andFarm   with Paige Singer, Lori Conaty and Noel

1997  Reseinbeck, Germany:  Leaf, Farm and Chancellor with Paige Singer, Shelly Temple and Roger Summers

1999  Kecskemet, Hungary:  Leaf, Farm and Chancellor  with Paige Singer,  Shelly Temple, Fran Doto and Roger Summers

2001  Reseinbeck, Germany:  Count, Farm and Chancellor  with Paige Singer, Shelly Temple, Fran Doto and Roger Summers

2003 Jardy, France:  Count, Gali and Farm  with Paige Singer, Beth Berlin and Jay Breggia

2005  Salsburg, Austria:  Count, Gali and Farm with Beth Berlin, Suzy Stafford and Jay Breggia

2007  Warka, Poland: 
Count, Farm and Tilba  with, Beth Berlin, Suzy Stafford and Jay Breggia

2009  Kecskemet, Hungary:  Count, Gali and Tilba  with Beth Berlin, Paige Singer and Jay Breggia